Our Projects

19th Street

8 photos Renovated master bathroom with new double vanity with mirrors. Moving through the double doors of the "grand" shower enclosure, you step into the lavish "his and hers" shower area. Each has the luxury of their own overhead rain shower along with a handheld shower head. Beyond the shower, a slipper tub on a raised platform has become the focal point of the bathroom. Niches were carved into both the shower areas along the sides of the tub to create additional space for the homeowners, who were quite pleased with their new bathroom and the way the layout now better serves their needs, both individually and together.

53rd Street

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5th Avenue

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79th Street

8 photos This penthouse has been used by the family for 30 plus years as an apartment more for entertaining that for living. It was designed with a massive living space, with a large eat in kitchen, 3 full, 2: ½ bathrooms and only 2 bedrooms. When the family decided to finally part with the apartment and place it on the market to sell, it was decided that it would be best to convert the apartment into a 3 bedroom and 4 & ½ bathroom. More marketable for a family looking to live on the Upper East Side.

Project Highlights:
- We relocated the kitchen from the existing location to the dining room
- High end kitchen appliances
- We converted the old kitchen location to the 3rd bedroom with a bathroom on suite.
- The lighting throughout the apartment was upgraded for more efficiency
- Skim coating and painting throughout
- Silk wall paper in the master bathroom
- New carpeting
- Custom radiator enclosures throughout
- Motorized shades throughout

Alpine, NJ

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Eastern Parkway

11 photos The kitchen, the most important room in the home. For everyday with the family to entertaining friends. Even though they just purchased this new apartment and have never actually cooked 1 meal, they knew that the existing kitchen was all wrong. Everything needed to get renovated prior to them moving in. Besides the lime green walls, the kitchen layout just didn't work for such a large room and had all appliances on 1 elevation.
We played around with a couple of different layouts but nothing was really making sense. Until we came up with the idea to close off the existing doorway from the hallway into kitchen and relocate it. That gave us the ability to bring in some completely new ideas and configure the entire layout. Everything we did from here featured the Manhattan skyline view through the window: from prepping at the island to having lunch in the banquette seat.
We kept to the traditional design to keep the integrity of the "pre-war" building. Originally we wanted to keep all the cabinetry white but then decided to bring in some walnut elements. In which we built the island, the banquette table, floating shelves and even dressed up the existing structural columns. The cabinetry is all custom made using 3/4 plywood boxes and maple doors. All feature have soft close doors and drawers, roll out shelves.
We improved the lighting by adding low voltage recessed lights, under cabinet lights, ceiling fan and also lights inside the glass door cabinets. Each are on separate zones with dimmers.
The banquette seat serves as two functions, one side to conceal the under window radiator and the side for storage. The wire mesh front for the radiator was also used on the storage side for a uniform look.
The small hallway wall leading into kitchen from the dining room is painted with a grey chalk board paint, for "on the go" quick memo...

Liberty Street

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Going house hunting to find the dream home is difficult in every aspect, especially in NYC. The first apartment may have a feature that the other has but very rarely will one place have all. Most important is making sure the location and size works and everything else can be incorporated later. As the apartment our clients selected was "move in" condition its surely was not for what they work looking for in creating their dream home. We first started by creating a "wish list" of all of the essentials, which included; open kitchen, walk in closet, office space , larger master bathroom with stand up shower and soaking tub. With creating many different floor plan options, the only way we would achieve this was by sacrificing the 3rd bedroom. At this stage the 3rd bedroom was very easy for them to sacrifice as it gave them all of the wish list for now. In the future ,they could easily take the square footage from the new oversized living room and add that 3rd bedroom if it were necessary. Our first goal in the demolition stage was to remove all existing interior partition walls and start with a fresh new slate. By removing the existing kitchen walls the New Kitchen layout now combines it with the living room. The cabinetry is 2 tone color, flat slab doors for the modern look. State of the art appliances were installed; Integrated panels were installed on the fridge, wall oven, microwave, cook top. The sink is the ultimate chefs prep station sliding butcher block with bowls that slide over the sink. A garage cabinet was installed to conceal smaller appliances. The cantilever counter top adds the additional seating space for guests while keeping the bottom portion open for the view. The existing walk in closet was relocated to achieve the New Master Bathroom, Combining the spaces now gave us the option to add all the features. Floating vanity with double sinks, soaking tub, stand up shower. The glossy rectified tiles used are 12x36 and when installed make the grout line disappear and make it look like a solid wall. The chocolate floor tiles are randomly staggered then wrap up the tub platform and continue up one wall to create an accent. No tile edge was used but all tiles that meet on a 90 degree outside corner are mitered; tub platform, walls and shower niches. Heated floors were installed to keep the feet warm on the cold winter days. In the Master Bedroom we built a bed frame accent wall. Serves for multiple functions; eliminates night stands by using the niches for alarm clock / phone charger station, lights were added inside the niches for accent lights and raised wall paper was used to finish this beautiful feature. Each his and hers niche has an outlet, 4 way switch for the accent lights and 4 way switch for the recessed lights above when they are done reading in bed. Custom steps were built for easy up and down off the bed for the little puppies that could not possibly make the jump up. Other features throughout the apartment include; New bamboo floors throughout. Since the concrete ceiling slab cannot be chopped , soffits and drop ceilings were built throughout the apartment to accommodate recessed lights. Low voltage recessed lights were used with multiple zone dimmers for energy efficiency. Remote operated shades were installed The overall design was for the apartment was modern, simple lines and true elegance. The newly renovated apartment will be enjoyed by them, friends and family for many years to come...

Pacific Street

11 photos Our client just purchased 2 apartments and the renovation consisted of creating their dream home by combining them into one. Now, with a dream home comes the "dream" master bathroom. A lot of time was spent deciding the new floor plan for the apartment, to make sure everything was accounted for. To achieve the new master bathroom and full custom walk in closet: 2 existing bathrooms, a laundry room and a kitchen needed to be removed. On paper it all looked good, but the issue is how do we make the plumbing work in the new layout. Relocating plumbing fixtures in a residential building is not the easiest due to the fact that you cannot chop the concrete slab to run new drain lines. We decided to use a wall hung toilet with an in wall carrier that way the drain lines were running inside the wall. All other existing fixtures needed to be capped off and all venting needed to be relocated to connect to the main vent stack.
Once we confirmed that all plumbing would work to our new layout, the design began. We were looking for elegance in simplicity... The overall bathroom color is white. White ceilings, white walls, white tiles and then just a "High Gloss Finish" plum color vanity accent wall. The double vanity is perfect for the mornings getting ready.
The shower has a multifunction shower body. The 15" rain head, a hand held and 2 body sprays. Each can be used individually or simultaneously for the ultimate shower experience. The shower seat is made from 1 1/4 white carrara marble with no visible leg supports to make a floating seat. The niche was carved into the wall for shampoo and soap.
We improved the lighting be using Low Voltage Recessed Lights throughout and added one in the shower as well. The lights are on 3 separate zones with dimmers. For the cold winter days, we added an electric heated floor to keep the feet warm.
Speakers were installed in the ceiling which are connected with the Audio/ Visual throughout the apartment.

West 70th Street

6 photos Our client had originally owned the duplex apartment in the front of this town house (1st and 2nd floor). Once the studio apartment on the 2nd floor in the rear of the town house was placed on the market, they immediately purchased it to combine with their existing space.
This apartment would become the extension of the apartment for entertaining and guests, as there was a kitchen and dining room in the front duplex.
The studio apartment had a small kitchen in which we turned into a walk in closet, then main room remained the living room and the bedroom / out cove became the library.
The entire apartment was re wired with new electrical for outlets, wall sconces, center chandelier and recessed lights. Each light location is controlled by its own dimmer for energy efficiency.
The challenge was going to be for our cabinet manufacturer flying into the United States from Europe. To take detailed and precise measurements of all walls, ceiling heights, window opening and doorway in order to create shop drawings. All millwork was custom built in England and there was going to be no room for error. From its travel over the Atlantic, passing through customs, delivered to the building and carried up 2 flights of stairs it all needed to be perfect.
A complaint that the neighbor living below had was always hearing footsteps of someone walking. To rectify this issue and to make a happy neighbor, we installed a soundproof mat with 2 layers of plywood prior to the installation of the carpet.
The 2 tone wood combination of tiger birch and mahogany gives definition and shows the depth of layering. All fixtures are gold plated, from the chandelier, to the recessed light trims even the custom screw less plate covers are gold.
In the powder room we relocated all plumbing fixtures to accommodate the new layout and walk through from each apartment.
Below each window the custom millwork covers the radiators, the front panels are removable to access and service the units.
The goal was to transform this empty room into true elegance…